Why You Should Try Photorejuvenation?

Have you heard of photorejuvenation? It is a relatively new – if you would consider the 1990s still new – method of rejuvenating and treating your skin. Photorejuvenation basically makes use of lasers, intense pulsed light (which is a little similar to lasers, but a technology specifically developed for the cosmetic industry, for photorejuvenation and hair removal) and photodynamic therapy (again somewhat similar to lasers) to erase the disfigurations, blemishes and aged look of the skin. How it achieves this is quite simple – the use of the lasers damages the skin (don’t worry – it is controlled!) and allows it to heal by producing new cells, which will be free of blemishes and that aged look. The method in which the skin is damaged differs according to the modality used – which can vary from thermal, chemical, mechanical and other types – but in essence, the theory is that the skin is rejuvenated through regeneration of the cells.

Photorejuvenation includes several types of skin treatments, such as high end laser facials – also known as photo-facials. The advantages photorejuvenation has over other types of skin treatments are quite obvious:

• No more blemishes – the controlled damage of the skin means that the top layer, which is marked by acne scars, stretch marks, spots, textures, and other kinds of marks, is effectively peeled off completely. The new skin layer that develops post process is one free from all these blemishes, which ensures a beautiful skin with no marks! If you consider all the past acne scars from puberty – as well as the new ones that pop up once in a while during our adult years – it is no wonder that laser facials are so popular at the moment.

• No more wrinkles – as one grows older, the proof of age becomes gradually more and more visible. As our bodies gradually decrease in their collagen production, our skin suffers from ending up loose and saggy – the fine lines, wrinkles and other marks are a direct result of this lack of collagen. Whilst plastic surgery is the more popular treatment against wrinkles, photorejuvenation allows your skin to naturally increase its collagen production once again – and naturally tighten once again.

• Smoothens and rejuvenates the skin – and the obvious point is that photorejuvenation smoothens and rejuvenates your skin. The effect of the weather, stress and a wide range of other physical and mental factors come into play and with time, age the skin and discolour it. By allowing this older skin layer to shed off, photorejuvenation allows a new skin layer to grow anew – full of vitality and colour. It will give you a look which will not need any more of those heavy dosages of make-up, but can instead be showed off au naturel!