Importance Of Regular Dental Checkup

Dental checkup is done for detecting diseases if there is any or to treat some problem. Though many people avoid dental checkup not thinking it a serious matter, they may face problem in the future. Regular dental checkup is not only for treatment but also for ensuring the good health of teeth. In most cases we fail to understand any underlying problem. Sometimes oral diseases are indicative of some other health disease. Avoiding regular dental checkup is thus actually ignoring your health. 

Things done in regular checkup:

In a regular checkup, teeth and whole mouth is examined. Your teeth are cleaned if necessary. Then your gums and mouth are checked for any problem that can emerge in future. These things are done in a step by step way. If you have better veneers, dentist will take care of it too.

Cleaning the teeth:

Bacteria are accumulated on our teeth especially on the inner side with time. With regular brushing this plaque can be removed. If plaque is accumulated for long, it turns into a hard substance called tartar. This tartar is not easy to remove. It cannot be removed at home. You need to go to the dentist for this process called scaling. A metal tool is used for this purpose. In modern time there are other techniques to remove plaque. Vibrating device is used for this process. The vibration makes the tartar to get loose. It is washed by water flow. An abrasive paste is also used for polishing the teeth. If you have urgency in teeth cleaning, you can visit your nearby emergency dentist Merrylands.


Flossing is the process of removing tartar that gets accumulated between the teeth. This kind of tartar is difficult to remove. So this process is done specially. It cleans your teeth properly. Scaling and flossing clears all the impurities accumulated on human teeth. Plaque can cause major problems like gum infection. So clearing your teeth during regular checkup helps to maintain oral health.

Further examination:

Clearing is only the first step. The next is examination. When your teeth are cleared, it is easy to inspect things. Any redness swelling and pain in the mouth is examined. The gums are checked. The depth of gums between teeth is measured. While normal depth is fine, deeper depth indicates problem. Sometimes oral troubles can indicate other health problems like vitamin deficiency. Early detection is really necessary in case of oral cancer. People who go for regular checkup gets it detected at early stage. Early detection can help a patient to recover fast and completely.
A beautiful smile is always good to see. It is even better when it is healthy too. So to maintain oral health, regular dental checkup is necessary.