Gift Suggestions For Someone Learning To Cook

For home cooks to culinary students; below is a list of gift suggestions that will cater to all…

  • Cut protective gloves – if your gift receiver is still very new to cooking, or is particularly young, then it’s obvious that you will worry about the cuts and burns that is part of the learning process when it comes to cooking. For someone like this, cut protective gloves, heat protective kitchen gloves, or even gloves for when they are handling spicy ingredients can be a useful gift. You can readily find these online, or even improvise and get creative with what you have in hand. For example; an reliable Ansell healthcare glove box will work well for handling spices or meat. 
  • Encouraging first-aid – protective gloves aren’t always going to help, and sooner or later, your new chef is surely going to find themselves nursing injuries like minor cuts or burns. It is simply how you learn. However, such injuries can be a little discouraging. This is where you bring your creativity in; turning ordinary bandages Australia and plasters into “motivating” first-aidencouraging them to continue their culinary adventures despite the pain.
  • Personalized chef knives – a chef knife is a great gift for any aspiring chef. In fact, we feel it’s also a great gift for housewarming parties as well; especially because of how useful it is. However, if it’s personalized, it just adds additional value to it…and a little more prettiness. So if you are opting for chef knives, do consider getting them engraved or getting personalized handles.
  • Fun cooking aprons – if you are looking for a fun, inexpensive, impersonal gift that will suit almost any occasion, then a cooking apron is your go to option for a gift receiver who is learning to cook. One can always find use for aprons, and never have enough of it (especially if you’re new to cooking and prone to accidents!). And the best part? You can easily convert it into a fun and personal gift and even get creative with it and DIY it as well.
  • Signed (traditional) recipe books – for an aspiring chef, recipe books can be a great way to broaden their culinary knowledge; especially if it teaches them new techniques. This means a good recipe book can make a great gift for your new chef. But if you want to take it a step up, try to get them a signed recipe book from one of their favorite chefs. If you can manage to get in a encouraging message from said chef for your gift receiver, then consider your gift in the “ideal and hard to beat” category!
  • A chance to sample/watch a professional chef cooking – eating great food and wanting to make it yourself is often what drives people to try their hand at the culinary arts. If you are able to, arrange for your aspiring chef to eat at or sample high quality food so they’d know what it’s like. Even better, arrange for a lesson with a professional chef; even if it’s only to watch them cook. Trust us, someone keen on cooking will pick up so many tips on a single hour with a professional chef…