Foot Pains – There Are Different Types!

Paying your due attention to pains coming from here and there in your legs and lower limbs is important. You may have one balm at your home applied to all your pains, but guess what; you will never be completely recovering from these pains unless you take the right treatments. Right treatments are done by the right health care practitioners, and it is of utmost importance that you make the right choice when it comes to this. Foot pains can vary according to the area of the leg from which it occurs. You can have pains coming from your ankles, heels, toes, top of the foot and even the bottom of the foot. The general remedy is to go for a podiatrist of Atherton Road Podiatry Centre for treatments, but mind you, if you know well about what you have, then there’s a lot more you could do to get the pains cured. These pains can have different causes, symptoms and also different treatments, and a gist of this has been grasped in this article.

Ankle pains

Ankle pains are inevitable if you wear high heels that are too tight regularly or if you exercise your selves on a daily basis. If the symptom you are having is a continuous pain, a swelling or a bruising caused by a series of intense exercising, then you must be probably having a sprained ankle. On the other hand, you may be having a broken ankle, if there is a sudden sharp pain and a difficulty in walking as symptoms. As remedies, you can always take paracetamol because that’s a trusted pain killer, and you can also wrap a bandage around the ankle as a support. If the pain continues to be there, and especially if you have diabetes, it is always best to consult a medical practitioner.

Heel pains

If there is a sharp pain in your heels which gets worsened when you try to walk, and is suppressed when you rest your feet, then there is a problem in your feet that you should be getting treatments for. Regular stretching exercises can be of help to these pains, and again, a pain killer like Paracetamol will help reducing the pain. You can also wear wide comfortable shoes as a remedy and orthotics Oakleigh as recommended by your health practitioner can also make you feel better in this case.

Pain in the top of the foot

If you get a sudden pain when something touches your feet, starting from the edge of your big toe, then the possible cause can be gout which causes pains in the top of the foot. If you are overweight, this can happen to you. The remedy is to rest and raise your feet whenever possible, and using wide shoes rather than using pointed tight shoes.