Dentistry: Career Options, Salary, And Education

Does dentistry fascinate you? Have you always looked up to dentists? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then becoming a dentist might be a feasible option for you. It is one of most dynamic health professions out there, giving you a chance to become a highly respected and successful member of the community.

If you’re still unsure whether becoming a dental surgeon is right for you or not, read on for more information on what career options you can avail with a degree in dental clinic in south yarra , what your potential salary would be, and what degrees you could go for.

Education and Training

First things first, let’s take a look at what you need to do to become a dentist, what education you require, and what training you might have to undertake.


Before entering a dental school, you require certain perquisites including biology and chemistry. You don’t need a specific major to get into a dental program, however the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree. Although requirements vary by school, it is still a good idea to major in a science subject since this increases your chances of being admitted into a dental school.

Once you get into a dental school you will be taught subjects including, anatomy, periodontics (the study of oral disease and health), local anaesthesia, and radiology. You will also acquire clinical experience where you will get a chance to work with patients under a licensed dentist.


Regardless of your dental specialty, you will undergo additional training before you can become a practicing dentist. the duration of the training is mostly 2- to 4-years residency in a program. Contrarily, general dentists do not require additional training.

Career Options:

Becoming a dentist isn’t always about working with patients, doing extractions and fillings for the rest of your life! You could even opt for working as a lecturer at a dental university. In fact, several practicing dentists also teach part time and even supervise dental students undergoing training.

To become a practicing dentist, you also require a license along with the additional training. Here are some career options you could opt for:

  • Academic dentistry
  • General dentist
  • Private practice (as a general or specialist dentist)
  • Military dentist
  • Dental research
  • International Health care
  • Dental Public Policy

Dentist Salaries and Working Conditions

Your salary as a dentist depends on your specialization but generally dentists are high paid professionals. The median annual wages for dentists range from $208 000 to $158000.

Various dentist in windsor work at small clinics with a small staff while others have partnerships or work for more established dentists. The schedules for dentists are also variable. Several dentists work less than 40 hours weekly.